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Course Design


Bernardus is a unique golf course situated in the heart of Brabant and it was designed by Kyle Phillips.

He is an architect whose expertise lies in striking a balance between what the players want, and what nature demands. The results of his work are some of the most beautiful and interesting courses around the world, well known for their visual appeal, longevity and sustainability.

Bernardus was designed to be a a challenging course that you experience with all your senses; rolling waves of grass, blooming purple heather and organic water and sand obstacles form the visual landscape; whispering wind blowing through the trees and the sounds of wildlife create a natural background harmony; fresh air, and earthy scent refreshens the mind.

Course Design


Our concept has always been to create something that stands out by blending in.

We’re aiming to achieve perfect harmony between our course, the club house estate, and the surrounding nature. This creates a golfing experience that leaves deep traces within everyone who visits it, while integrating perfectly with the landscape.

Course Design


We think of Bernardus as an extension of the land.

We think of Bernardus as an extension of the land, and have through this philosophy created a golf course that embraces and enhances all the things that makes Brabant such a beautiful place. The earthy color palette of greens and browns, the open fields and deep forests, the murmuring rivers that make their way through the somber landscape, and the sandy ground all form the perfect basis for a sustainable, memorable golf course.