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Bernardus Wine

"Life is too beautiful for ordinary wine"

In 1988 Bernardus Pon bought out of the family business and left for the United States and started his vineyard in California. He wanted to make wines that could compete with the best wines in the world. The world famous Bernardus Chardonnay was served at multiple White House dinners and the Sauvignon Blanc was named the best white wine of 2005 by the Wall Street Journal. In 2019 he sold his business to Robert van der Wallen, who opened in 2018 a golfcourse in Cromvoirt, named after the wine. Would you like to taste these promising wines yourself? Shop here.

Bernardus Monterey County

The wine selection

Ben Pon created a wine collection based on the philosophy that special wines should be able to be tasted by anyone who finds life beautiful and wants to make it more beautiful. He chose well-known grapes from Burgundy and Bordeaux such as Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir, and Cabernet Sauvignon. Each of the wines received high ratings.

In late 2021, the winemaker went to France for a Provence rosé, stumbled upon Château La Coste, and proposed a joint venture. Et voila, in early 2022 the newest member of the Bernardus family was born, the world's first Provence Rosé Golden State. A premium French rosé with a California twist.

Bernardus Chardonnay
Bernardus Rosé

Vineyards and winery

The vineyards are located in the best locations with many hours of sunshine and a cooling breeze from the ocean. All grapes are picked by hand. Bernardus combines experience and proven methods with new insights. They have experience with traditional and organic cultivation and believe that the vineyards should be part of the beautiful natural environment. While more and more established French wineries are switching to stainless steel barrels, Bernardus consciously opt for aging in French oak barrels. These barrels are made especially in Bordeaux and Bourgogne. With oak from several coopers, so that a varied aroma is created.

Bernardus Pon wijnvat
Bernardus Sauvignon Blanc


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