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The team of Bernardus Academy consists of PGA A-certified pro's who will share their love and knowledge for the game of golf.

All of our pro's master all types of training and they work with both beginning players, experienced golfers and Pro Tour players. Seven days a week they are ready to help you in a pleasant and informal setting. After a first assessment, they create a tailor-made plan for you, so you can start working on your personal goals. Do an individual training at the Academy or do a round of golf with your trainer and let him help you find your way on the course.

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Piet van Eijndhoven

Golf professional

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Roel Verdonschot

Golf professional

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Jeroen Krietemeijer

Golf professional

"Improve your game and your golf heart grows even bigger"
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In addition to the knowledge and expertise of our pro's, you can benefit from the latest technical equipment we provide to help you improve your game.

From a ballflight radar analysis by TrackMan to a state-of-the-art device 3D Force Plate. This highly advanced piece of technology maps your motion DNA and shows you how to build your swing. It lets you gain insight into your swing and learn how to improve it.

If you would like to book an assessment with one of our pros, please contact us and you'll know exactly how to make the most progress in your swing in no time.


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