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June 04, 2024

The Bernardus Academy Introduces: Short Game Level 1 and 2

Do you recognize this feeling? You play amazingly well, but lose points because of your short game. You get increasingly frustrated as you keep making the same mistakes.

With our proven approach, you will say goodbye to these mistakes for good. Our training, in a small group of 4 people, guarantees that you will develop your shot repertoire, correct yourself, and elevate your game to the next level immediately. Minimum required handicap: 22.0 or lower. Sign up now for Short Game Level 1 and 2 and experience the difference yourself!

Why choose the Bernardus Academy?
Our professional coaches offer high-quality guidance to serious golfers like you. Their proven successful approach has helped golfers of all levels, from enthusiastic club golfers to renowned DP World Tour players such as Darius van Driel.

World-class facilities:
Train at our internationally acclaimed practice facilities, where the challenges of the real golf course are accurately simulated. Here, you have every opportunity to develop your skills and improve your game.

“The facilities we have here are without a doubt the best I have seen on tour!” – Ross Fisher, DP World Tour Player

Shortgame Level 1 en 2

Discover Short Game Level 1 & 2:
The Short Game training consists of levels 1 and 2, and each level can be booked separately. The training sessions are divided into two half-days of 3 hours each, based on availability and spread over one or two days. Each level costs €300*.

Short Game Level 1:
Provides insight into cause and effect, where you learn to solve common problems. Discover the style that suits you.

Short Game Level 2: Develop your technique and make it applicable in various lies and situations. Expand your repertoire of shots.

Sign up today:
You can sign up in groups of four like-minded golfers via, including the names, phone numbers, and handicaps. *The paid training fee is non-refundable.

Invest in your game and become part of the next generation of golfers who elevate their short game with the Bernardus Academy!