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February 15, 2023

The Bernardus DNA Analysis

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Coaching that you cannot see

Do you want to improve your game but are struggling to find out the areas that need improvement? At Bernardus Golf you can now understand your golf DNA, to discover what is going on under your skin to improve your game. The Bernardus DNA Analysis is a one-of-a-kind assessment, not available anywhere else in the Netherlands, dissecting your playing style, which will help you, and your coach, discover, explore, and improve your golf technique.

Data first, player second

As part of the DNA Analysis, Bernardus takes a data-first approach, using several tools and techniques to break down the way you play golf.

We start the analysis with the K-Vest, a tool that breaks down the biometrics of your swing. By placing sensors on your chest, waist, and hands, the K-Vest captures and analyses exactly how you move.

Secondly, we put you on the Gasp-force plates, the only one of its caliber in the Netherlands. This measures your interaction with the ground, which all comes back to how you move during your swing.

Our four high-speed cameras are used as an additional element to the analysis, allowing us to look at every angle of your shot.

Lastly, we stand you in front of the TrackMan, used by top players throughout the sport, the system combines two radars and one camera. It analyses the speed, spin, and direction of your shot.

These four tools combined give us the data we need to be able to make small changes to your technique that make a big difference to your game.


Roel Verdonschot, Professional Golfer and coach, commented:

“The Bernardus DNA Analysis breaks down the science behind playing golf. By removing the golfer from the picture and relying on the data, we can go under the skin of why a person plays the way they do. It’s very much like a puzzle; we need to first understand how to solve the puzzle to be able to solve it, and therefore improve. Although it sounds very technical, what we provide is a complete breakdown of the science to the player, which gives them key takeaways to improve their game.”


Suitable for everyone that wants to improve their game

The Bernardus DNA Analysis provides coaching for everyone who wants to understand and improve the way they play golf. It’s ideal for those who both want a quick tune-up or someone who is on a long-term development path.

It’s the perfect mix of theory and practical, breaking down the science behind the way you play golf.

Book your two-hour Bernardus DNA Analysis for €225 by contacting +31 (0)73 203 41 41 or via

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