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for the best golf experience this winter

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No winter greens, just the quality course you expect from us, all year round

It's always a good day at Bernardus Golf

Does the thought of the upcoming winter period give you the blues? At Bernardus we don’t see why the dipping temperatures should stop you from making memories, and therefore pride ourselves on keeping our course in top condition, all year round. Ensuring you can continue to play golf, no matter what time of year.

Our team of 17 dedicated greenkeepers work tirelessly to keep our course in top condition. By using deep rooted Fescue grass and having excellent drainage, throughout the course, golfers needn’t get wet feet even on the wettest of days. This means you can play a qualifying round even when the temperatures are less than tropical, because Bernardus doesn’t have winter greens. Don’t just take our word for it, check out what six-time European Tour winner Joost Luiten had to say:

“Bernardus stays in top condition all year round. But compared to other courses, it is especially good in the winter. The course is built on 15m of pure sand, which ensures that it never gets soft wet or soggy and the course is always qualifying. Besides that, the greens have the latest technology with ceramic particles in them that removes excess water even faster and keep the greens top notch!”

Winter offer

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We believe our course is one of the best winter courses available in the Benelux.