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October 01, 2023

Women's golf has been on the rise in recent years

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Golfing has become increasingly popular among women. Enjoying the outdoors, taking a round with a friend is even more enjoyable for some women than socializing in a café. With the hosting of the Solheim Cup in 2026 at Bernardus, the attention on women's golf in the Netherlands will undoubtedly grow.

Are there differences between men and women?
It is, of course, logical that there are differences between golf for women and men, as is the case in many other sports. Naturally, men have more strength. For those less familiar with golf, it's important to know that this is often compensated for with different tee positions during competitions and on the course.

Prize money
As in many other sports, men in professional golf competitions, such as the PGA Tour compared to the LPGA Tour, typically earn more prize money than women.

The key factors In the game
The key factors, in which there is no difference between men and women, are individual aspects such as training level, skills, physical attributes, and mental focus.

Everyone is welcome
At Bernardus, women are just as welcome as men. Everyone can choose the distance they play from, and we make no distinctions. Everyone is welcome, young, old, woman, man, or transgender.

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