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January 06, 2023

The Benefits of Golf

Benefits of Golf

For most golf enthusiasts we won't need to explain the benefits of playing golf. But there are a lot of hidden benefits that playing 9 or 18 holes will bring you. A round of golf at Bernardus will require you to walk more than 9kms, in addition, you can burn up to 1400 calories, even using a trolley! Here are a few of our favorite reasons to hit the golf course, in summer or winter.

Brain boosting powers

Golfers are accurate, focused, and have great concentration. Three skills that cannot easily be taught. Also, problem-solving, and creative thinking are needed to get through the tricky holes and across the obstacles that lie ahead.
What’s more hand-eye coordination is essential in golf and a high activity level means that blood is pumping through your body and to your brain. Boosting your brain power.

Increasing vitamin D

Being outside in direct sunlight increases the vitamin D in your body. It doesn’t need to be the height of summer either, even the spring and autumn sun will have the same effect. Vitamin D supports your immune system, helping your fight off illness quicker.

Stress and anxiety-reducing

Do you have a stressful job, or have anxiety? Golf could be a way to reduce both and provides a fantastic escape from the high-pressure areas of life. Being outdoors and close to nature, paired with endorphin-producing exercise, not only reduces stress and anxiety, but can also improve concentration, and self-esteem.

Improves sleep

After a day of golf, it's hard not to have a good night's sleep. A full day of exercise, time spent outdoors, and melatonin-boosting natural light means you are much more likely to be able to have a better night’s sleep. What’s more, golfers who sleep better are more likely to have a lower handicap. Making it more important than ever to get a full 8 hours!

Strengthens relationships

The best place to solve a feud with friends – the golf course. Secure that new business deal – the golf course. End the family competitiveness once and for all – the golf course. The golf course provides a perfect neutral ground to strengthen any type of relationship. You can also finish off the day with a relaxing meal at Noble Kitchen with a few celebratory glasses of Bernardus wine.

Reap the benefits of golf today by booking a Day Membership at Bernardus Golf.